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/mu/ flowcharts.

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Posted by Geno
Mar 1, 2012 23:52:26 GMT -5

This is pretty cool. Just search a band that you are trying to get into, and see if there's a flowchart to tell you which album to start with, and where to go from there.
Posted by Pea
Mar 1, 2012 23:56:50 GMT -5
Hah! I love that Enduser is on the front page right now. Fox and I just saw him two weekends ago.
Posted by emptyfox
Mar 2, 2012 1:55:05 GMT -5
One of the most interesting d'n'b sets I've seen in years.
Posted by newjersey
Mar 2, 2012 21:11:59 GMT -5
and there goes my night
Posted by thefrush
Mar 8, 2012 14:43:30 GMT -5
The Emperor one forgot the step where you start burning down churches.
Posted by Pea
Mar 8, 2012 16:20:09 GMT -5
Posted by JeffaLump
Mar 8, 2012 16:44:33 GMT -5
Even though some of the placements I don't agree with, I love the Fiery Furnaces one.
Posted by JeffaLump
Mar 8, 2012 16:50:44 GMT -5
The jazz one's great too.
Posted by Geno
Mar 9, 2012 20:46:41 GMT -5
I'm going to make one for Ween, Opeth, and maybe The Flaming Lips. IM INSPIRED.
Posted by Burrito
Mar 9, 2012 21:21:16 GMT -5
The Bob Dylan one is my favorite.
Posted by Geno
Mar 9, 2012 21:30:04 GMT -5
I made this pretty quickly.

Does it look good? Anything I should add?