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Radiohead Rant

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Posted by dustin
Apr 10, 2008 12:52:02 GMT -5
I'm not usually one to complain, but I have a real bone to pick with all of these scalpers!!! My wife tried to get tickets using two different presales right before 10am and refreshed until they went onsale this morning for Radiohead tickets, just two tickets mind you. No luck. However, if you go and look on ebay there are already at least a dozen people selling them for $200 to $400 apiece only a half hour after the presale and that doesn't account for people selling on craigslist, stubhub and all of the other ticket sellers out there who are raping concert goers. It makes me sick! The tickets are not even officially onsale yet. I know these guys are just trying to make a buck, but I hate that they jam up the system so that regular people cannot get tickets to concerts. The concert should be called: Radiohead for Bill Gates and Friends......

Ok, I just needed to get that off my chest....... And on Saturday morning when the tickets actually go on sale I will try again, then it will be off to the scalpers and see if I can get the tickets somewhat close to the actual price........
Posted by thedean
Apr 10, 2008 13:39:10 GMT -5
The best way to get rid of scalpers is to NEVER buy tickets from them. If all the "regular people" be it music or sports who weren't able to get tickets just stayed away. Demand for tickets would go down, meaning scalpers would either disappear or at least their upsell margin would be significantly less. Sure you may miss a concert or two, but in the long run it will benefit us all. So if you decide to visit your friendly neighbourhood ticket brooker than you are part of the problem and have little reson to complain.
Posted by dustin
Apr 10, 2008 14:42:13 GMT -5
That's a good point. I have actually never purchased tickets for more than they were paid for. Usually if I buy tickets from ebay or craigslist it someone who cannot go and are selling them for face value or less.
Posted by loyalfromlondon
Apr 10, 2008 17:45:11 GMT -5
I feel your pain. Though I have tickets for the West Palm Beach and Tampa shows next month, I also wanted to see them in WA as well. Got my presale code already today, logged in, and nada.

I'll probably buy from a third-party seller but it sucks that presales don't work out.

(Depending on what night they play Lolla, I may see them in Chicago. Yeah, I'm committed.)