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Best Music Videos of 2011

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Dec 14, 2011 16:52:02 GMT -5
Yeah I know we have a music video thread, but I thought since this was specific to 2011 it would be okay to start a new one. Feel free to move it.

I had the day off today in order to recuperate from Prince last night and have been spending all morning checking out the Top Music Videos of 2011 from a bunch of sites. Here’s my sorta kinda top 10 list. Lotta good shit out there this year.

Most Brilliant Idea to Suck You In Video: Battles – My Machine

The concept is so simple, yet I don’t think I have ever felt so emotionally stressed out by a video in a while. It’s funny, at first I thought the idea that this dude may actually be constantly falling in place down the escalator was pretty darn neat. Then after watching him tumble for about thirty seconds I started to get a knot in my stomach and wanted to scream “Get up man!” in sheer panic. By the time he finally gets off the escalator I’d felt like I had gone through the wringer twice, yet there is also a trippy moment where you feel like, how could I have been so tormented by something so small scale as a man falling down an escalator, I swear I was watching something much bigger and much more distressing these last couple of minutes.

I’m a boy and this appeals to my boy side, video: Is Tropical – The Greeks and Bitting Elbows – The Stampede.

Stupid, dumb and violent, but whatever.

Is Tropical:

Sublime Animation Video: Evelyn Evelyn – Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn

Funny and whimsical.

Video that Makes You Very Intrigued by the Artist in It: Austra – Lost It and Azealia Banks – 212

Okay so the fact that I am a guy probably has influenced to a large degree why I was so intrigued by these two women, but I don’t mean this in a “Damn, they are fine!” kinda way. You know how sometimes an artist just has a certain indescribable something (a je ne sais quoi, if you will) that just makes you wanna look and hear them for some fascinating and irresistible reason? Try these two.

The Classiest Trippiest Video: Destroyer – Kaputt

Video with the best vehicle to have the artist featured in a collection of random irresistible images: Beyonce – Countdown and St. Vincent – Cruel

There are so many videos that do this, but so little keep you as thoroughly engaged as these two. Lil’ Wayne’s 6 foot 7 wasn’t half bad either, but not even close to as good these ones.

The Obligatory Spoofing Retro Teen Sitcoms Video: Miles Fischer – New Romance

I think CoS described it as John Waters directing a Saved By The Bell episode. Yep.

They’ve Done It Again! Video: Ok Go – All is not Lost

Absolutely stunning in all aspects.

Sexiest Advant Garde Video: Warm Ghost - Open the Wormhole In Your Heart

I think the title speaks for itself. I'll also throw it out there that I like this song more than any other retro 80's synth style music that came out this year.

I'm pretty sure this is Not Safe For Work?

My Favorite Video of the Year: Kate Bush – Deeper Understanding

I just saw this video today and it really blew me away. The song and the video are more than perfect for one another, it feels more like this is what it is, it’s not a song, it’s not a music video, it’s just this. I love the pace, the feel, and that amazing harmonica. The best of the year by a long shot for me.

Posted by wompwomp
Dec 14, 2011 16:59:48 GMT -5
Haha, I love Azealia Banks so much...and her music is great too! 212 is a wicked chune.
Posted by Pea
Dec 14, 2011 17:11:31 GMT -5

Dec 14, 2011 17:20:53 GMT -5

You know, I kinda feel like we've been there and done that all before on this one. I also question why they chose to set the video in WW1? It seems like they are either whimping out of making a present statement or they just thought "retro war" looked cool, which is weird.

It may sound cynical of me, but a large part of me feels they just wanted to show someone in 50's rolled up jeans.

EDIT: Don't hate me Pea!
Posted by Pea
Dec 14, 2011 17:30:33 GMT -5
We're talking about the Tree of Life, right?


Posted by davers
Dec 14, 2011 17:51:05 GMT -5
As soon as I read the title I was going to say Destroyer should be on here, but then it was. Since it was, for "The Obligatory Spoofing Retro Teen Sitcoms Video" check out Rich Aucoin 'It' (I would post a link, but youtube is blocked at work). That video is mostly 80s movies, but it's quite well done considering the miniscule budget they must have had. I also love that guy.
Posted by newjersey
Dec 15, 2011 0:53:31 GMT -5

Any music video that makes the song it's for better is a fantastic video, and this is that.
Posted by Pea
Dec 15, 2011 1:20:53 GMT -5
That's exactly what I love about it.
Posted by Drew
Dec 15, 2011 12:02:14 GMT -5
I can't stop watching that Azaelia Banks video. That shit's so good.
Dec 15, 2011 13:12:55 GMT -5
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