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Posted by Blacksmile
Mar 31, 2010 17:01:56 GMT -5
This is interesting! It would appear that Lolla are releasing their line-up one letter at a time!

Today's letter is "O" and it would appear that the rumours are true with Soundgarden, The Arcade Fire, Green Day, Phoenix, Lady Gaga and The Strokes as headliners (filled in the blanks).

Filling in some of the other blanks it would appear that New Porno's, The Dodo's, Spoon, The National, and Gogol Bordello are making an appearance.

Fun game and a decent line-up to boot!
Posted by interstateeight
Mar 31, 2010 17:26:32 GMT -5
See, THIS is a good/fun gimmick for a lineup reveal... not that obnoxious Bonnaroo shit.
Posted by Blacksmile
Mar 31, 2010 17:44:23 GMT -5
Hell yeah! Even though I'm not going it's still a fun and nerdy music thing to do.
Posted by know ID yuh
Mar 31, 2010 18:45:04 GMT -5
That is cool. There are enough people on the Lolla board that 90% of the lineup will be decoded tonight.
Posted by Pea
Mar 31, 2010 19:07:43 GMT -5
^ hahaha so true. pretty fucking awesome lineup game!
Posted by Blacksmile
Mar 31, 2010 20:04:06 GMT -5
Pea Avatar
^ hahaha so true. pretty fucking awesome lineup game!

Just took a quick peek and the lineup has pretty much been deciphered!!!!! If it si correct and Social Distortion is playing that is fucking cool!!!

Interesting and great week...first off I saw MUSE last night and they were great!!!! Now this little game and the Sled Island lineup gets announced tomorrow. Should be a gooder as well.
Posted by Pea
Mar 31, 2010 20:29:36 GMT -5
nice dude! i'm catching muse tomorrow night. all around badass show im guessing? i cant wait to see silversun again.
Posted by jobosrock
Apr 1, 2010 2:29:56 GMT -5
Woah, super off topic but I'm seeing Muse tomorrow too.
Posted by Blacksmile
Apr 1, 2010 8:32:54 GMT -5
It is off topic but so be it. Regardless of whether you've seen Muse in the past you guys are in for a real treat! Hands down one of THE BEST light shows i've seen...and i've seen some good ones (U2, Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Daft Punk). Complete sensory overload!

Posted by jobosrock
Apr 2, 2010 4:42:32 GMT -5
Just got back a bit ago and you were right. I expected a lot and was still blown away. All those lazers kinda tripped me out though...
Posted by Pea
Apr 2, 2010 15:23:27 GMT -5
How was Silversun? Can't wait to see them tonight too.
Posted by Blacksmile
Apr 2, 2010 21:17:08 GMT -5
They sucked...just like the last three times i saw them. sorry..just my opinion.
Posted by jobosrock
Apr 3, 2010 13:36:22 GMT -5
Yeah, I don't hate their music, but Silversun sounded awful.
Posted by Pea
Apr 3, 2010 16:52:54 GMT -5
Silversun sounded alright last night. Only caught their last 2 songs though. Muse was phenomenal to say the least. Well, I take that back. Muse was good, but their laser/light show and stage setup made it phenomenal.
Posted by scough
Apr 5, 2010 7:59:55 GMT -5
Silversuns sounded pretty good from where I was standing. The crowd didn't really seem to be into them all that much though.
Muse's setlist was slightly a disappointment for me, they played way too many of their forgettable newer songs. Missing was "Map of the Problematique", "Butterflies and Hurricanes", "City of Delusion", "Invincible" and "Micro Cuts". I guess I just really liked their last album a lot :)
Their set at the same venue in 2007 was as close to perfect as I could have wished for and that show is still #1 on my list as the best I've ever been to, even while taking into account the epic production they put on this past Friday night. I guess you just gotta catch Muse when they're not out promoting The Resistance anymore and they'll cut back in some of the older favorites.

edit: the crowd on Friday was also tame as hell compared to the 2007 show. did anyone else notice how still the crowd was for most of their newer songs?