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Outside Lands

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Posted by interstateeight
Mar 29, 2010 13:32:46 GMT -5
San Francisco's own outdoor three-day music festival appears to have booked Kings of Leon.

Posted by know ID yuh
Mar 29, 2010 23:04:51 GMT -5
They've had some pretty interesting lineups the first two years. This festival will always be on my "maybe" list. With the Kings of Leon confirmation news, I'm officially stoked for Outside Lands 2011.
Posted by interstateeight
Mar 29, 2010 23:07:54 GMT -5
I really wanted to go in 2008, and I went for one day last year and got to see Atmosphere --> Avett Brothers --> Modest Mouse --> Band of Horses. Excellent day.
Posted by know ID yuh
Mar 30, 2010 0:07:38 GMT -5
Barring conflicts, I hope to see Band of Horses this year. I thought they were very average the first time I saw them, but have read so much greatness about their live shows.

Avett Brothers and Modest Mouse in the same day though, money.
Posted by interstateeight
Mar 30, 2010 17:37:46 GMT -5
It was awesome. And I'm something of a Band of Horses superfan -- saw them for the first time at Sasquatch 2006, actually, and many many times since. I can't imagine missing their set this year.
Posted by know ID yuh
Mar 30, 2010 21:58:50 GMT -5
Sasquatch 2006 is the only time I've seen them live. I sure did like the cover they played then. Everything All The Time is one of my favorite albums of the previous decade, I just never gave them a second chance live.
Posted by Pea
Mar 30, 2010 22:28:17 GMT -5
Ridiculously stoked to see BoH for my first time. It's been a looong time overdue.
Posted by Horned Gramma
May 17, 2010 18:46:54 GMT -5
I had no idea people actually liked Kings of Leon.
Posted by chaco
Apr 21, 2011 14:52:57 GMT -5
I was about to say the b-word and realized it would've been filtered to something a little different...
Airfare/lodging for Lolla was adding up quickly so instead I'm planning a road trip with a small group of people that might intersect with this fest and the lineup is looking pretty decent. Does anyone know if they usually sell out/ logistics of parking, etc? The fest website is pretty bare and not so helpful.
Posted by interstateeight
Apr 21, 2011 15:32:18 GMT -5
It's in Golden Gate Park, which is in San Francisco, which means hahahahaha have fun finding street parking. Just take public transportation to the festival from wherever you are staying.
Posted by Pea
Apr 21, 2011 17:21:49 GMT -5
Festivals inside major cities sound so unappealing to me :/
Posted by Horned Gramma
Apr 21, 2011 17:27:09 GMT -5
Usually I'd agree, but the opportunity to spend a couple afternoons inside Golden Gate Park without having to worry about being stabbed to death by a guy in a gorilla suit or something does sound kind of appealing. Seeing Phish and the Shins play would just be a bonus.
Posted by Pea
Apr 21, 2011 17:33:11 GMT -5
You know what? I've never been to San Fran and have always wanted to. I suppose I can get on board with that logic!
Posted by chaco
Apr 21, 2011 17:53:10 GMT -5
I was born in the Bay Area, but haven't been to visit since '03. I figure it would be a fun place to make a pit stop. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Six Flags Vallejo is on the way.
Posted by Fig
Apr 21, 2011 17:55:59 GMT -5
Definitely considering driving down with some friends from Boise but with gas prices going the way they are, it isnt looking too likely for me :(

I wish I could see BAD though, in all their ugly-teeth glory.