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The Singles Are Mixed, I guess...

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Apr 5, 2011 11:22:32 GMT -5
Halfway through the first side of Paradoxical Opposites, typing my opinions track by track, with frankness and honesty. I'll update this OP when I finish with the first side.
Apr 5, 2011 12:18:38 GMT -5
1. Supersuckers- Evil Powers of Rock and Roll: Not something I would normally listen to, but I really like the straight aheadness of it. It drives really well.
2. Social Distortion- California (hustle and flow): I've never really been able to pinpoint why, but there's just something I don't like about Social Distortion. That being said, this is one of the songs I am enjoying more than other songs of theirs.
3. Turbonegro- Back to Dungaree Heights: I was grooving to the bass on this one and particular, and I liked the vocals a lot too.
4. The Black Keys- 10am Automatic: Oh man, this is one of my favorite black keys songs, and I don't have them on my computer at all, so yes! Cranked it all the way.
5. Murder City Devils- Lemuria Rising: How bout that murder city devils set? From what I can tell, you spent a lot of time giving this a certain flow.
6. QOTSA- Go With the Flow: Classic. This song... so tiring on rock band.
7. The Hold Steady- Banging Camp: Wow. Never listened to them before, but I really like the lyrics and the vocal style. A lot. Using the same adjectives over and over, I know.
8. Tricky Woo- Born Due: The intro is killer. I find I'm coming to enjoy music I normally wouldn't choose to listen lately- to some extent- because the various things that math rock has come to mean as an umbrella for wide spectrum of music. And a lot of what I listen to falls under that umbrella, which is an umbrella that draws things from so many different genres and types of music.
9. Japandroids: Younger Us; Wow again. I'm really into this song. Like, a lot.
10. Murder By Death- Brother: A band I avoided due to their name, but I actually really like this song. The instrumentation is awesome.
11. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- Complicated Situation: Not what I expected at all, but I liked it. Somehow that's two country ish songs that I've liked. You're good.
12. Pearl Jam: Black- Ok, all I can do when I'm listening to pearl jam is imitate eddie vedder, but do it way over the top. That's fun for me though, so take that how you will.
13. R.E.M.- Alligator, Aviator, Autopilot, Antimatter: Great song. Love female background vocals.
14. Menomena- Killemall: Number 3 on the list of stuff I hadn't heard before and loved.
15. The Raconteurs- Switch and the Spur: Haven't heard anything other than the singles before, but I liked 'em. I like this too.
16. The Decemberists- Down by the Water: Eh. I haven't really listened to the Decemberists since their set at Sasquatch. Yes, I'm outing myself as a Hazards of Love hater.
17. Band of Horses- Ode to LRC: And now a band that I've liked a lot more since I saw them at Sasquatch, haha. They put on an awesome show, and I really like ol whatsisnames voice.
18. RAA- Tornado '87: Number 4 on that list I mentioned earlier. The rhythms of the guitar and the drums together are amazing.
19. Elliott Brood- T-bill: A third country ish song that I really liked.
20. Modest Mouse- Florida: I do love me some MM. Hadn't heard this one before.
21. Dinosaur Jr.- Pick me Up: I'm kinda digging this. Its simple, but there's something more to it. Is this the band that J. Mascis fronts?

Alright, there you go. Impressions upon going through the whole first side. I will try to do the other side tonight, but now is sleeptime. They want me working every night this week at midnight.


Which I'm really excited to finish up here in the next two days (putting a lot of time in.) I'm so excited for the tracklist to get posted, I think some of y'all might be pretty surprised.
Posted by wompwomp
Apr 5, 2011 13:55:25 GMT -5
I have no idea what is going on in here
Posted by Pea
Apr 5, 2011 13:58:05 GMT -5
Yea, dude what is this?
Posted by Pea
Apr 5, 2011 13:58:59 GMT -5
Oh, nevermind.
Apr 5, 2011 15:45:11 GMT -5
wompwomp Avatar
I have no idea what is going on in here

It's the mix he got from the CD exchange
Posted by Cbats
Apr 5, 2011 16:38:55 GMT -5
Even though I didn't make the mix, I'm going to assume you were asking for recommendations for the stuff you liked so here you go:

Hold Steady - Boys and girls in america is probably their best all around album but seperation sunday has the best lyrics. Can't go wrong with either one

Japandroids - Although it doesn't have the song younger us, Post-Nothing is the album to get. It's their only real "album" and the rest of the stuff they've released are ep's and singles. Great, great album.

Menomena - Mines: Easily my favorite menomena album and includes that song.

RAA - Hometowns: great album, new one is pretty lame in my opinion but it has a few defenders here

dinosaur Jr - You're living all over me: Yes this is the band j.mascis fronts. This is their most classic album but they have a really consistent sound and most of their albums are great (avoid the 90's stuff)
Posted by Blacksmile
Apr 5, 2011 18:42:27 GMT -5
What do you mean skip the 90's stuff? Where You Been is just as much a classic as You're Living All Over Me. Without a Sound was mediocre yet decent and Hand it Over was good as well.

You are right though...RAA's new album, Departing, does have a lot of supporters on here, mainly because it's the exact opposite of lame!
Posted by Cbats
Apr 5, 2011 22:31:58 GMT -5
The 90's stuff is not terrible music but it's not on par with any of the 80's albums. Green Mind has some great songs and the video for feel the pain is awesome but basically any of the albums without the full band can't live up to the others. If i'm recommending dinosaur jr. to anyone the albums I'd say to start with are bug, you're living all over me, and beyond
Posted by Blacksmile
Apr 6, 2011 9:44:07 GMT -5
Beyond was a fantastic album for sure!
Posted by wolfhat
Apr 6, 2011 20:27:51 GMT -5
Is this where we post the tracklists for our mixes? I received mine last night.
Posted by emptyfox
Apr 6, 2011 20:28:29 GMT -5
Ya, that's what Mr. Swanson said...
Posted by Rusty
Apr 6, 2011 22:54:54 GMT -5
Got my mix today and just finished listening to it, without a tracklist, as per the instruction. Great mix with great flow. Thanks a lot to the sender. I had a good time listening to it, it's going to my car next for some more listens.

1. White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane - great chune, chosen for the title of the mix?
2. Sun Hands- Local Natives -was always my favorite off the album, I love the break down with them all yelling , “ And when I can’t feel with my sun hands…”. Great song.
3. You Could Win a Rabbit- Animal Collective - This one made my head feel like it was swirling around in circles. Cool track. I am falling in love with AC, all over again.
4. Druganaut – Black Mountain- Always loved this song, and this band is one of my favorites. Great bass groove and drumming. Great riffs and vocals as per usual with Mr. Mcbean.
5. Alala- CSS- Never heard this song. Guess their not on the lineup anymore ☹
6. I am the Walrus- The Beatles – I love the way this song moves around in my headphones, especially at the end.
7. Heaven’s on Fire- Radio Dept. – Love this fucking song. JWW showed me it about a month ago, after you showed him I guess? Doo-DooDoo-Doo-DooDoo.
8. Needle and the Damage Done – Neil Young – Live at Massey hall. Always loved this version of the song. One of my favorite songs to play on acoustic guitar.
9. Oh, Comely- Neutral Milk Hotel – Loved this one. Never really listened to much NMH, great song though. Great fucking vocal performance. I fully understand the RAA singer comparisons now, wow. Love it when he starts to tap his acoustic near the end, sounds like a heart beat. Also was not expecting the horns at the end, total fucking surprise.
10. Crystal Rope – Gayngs – Had Never heard this one. Never really got into their album, although I did enjoy this track. There were some interesting sounds going on. Going to have to go back and re listen to the album now.
11. Siamese – Wye Oak - Love the violins. Really great melody and vocals.
12. Shelter – The XX – this record got a lot of plays when it first came out. There wasn't a song I really disliked on it. They don’t reinvent the wheel, but they do what they do really well.
13. Where do my blue bird fly- The Tallest Man on Earth – The first song I ever heard by him, and still my favorite. How do you know me so well? I love the vocabulary of his lyrics, and some of the stories he tells. I love the line “Kerosene Eyes” from this song a lot.
14. Cinder and Smoke – Iron & Wine -Really dug the vocals, especially the mix, how they sat right out in front of the rest. My favorite track of the ones I had never heard, although I knew it was mr. Beam right away, been listening to him a lot since the lineup dropped.
15. Are You Experienced?- Jimi Hendrix- You definitely did your homework , touché. My favorite part of this track was all the sounds in reverse, add such a cool ambiances and beat to the track.
16. RocketMan- Puscifer + Steven Drozd- One of my favorite covers of all time. Fuck I love this version. I love the huge booming chords during the chorus <3.
17. All My Friends- LCD Soundsystem – who doesn’t like this song. Great way to end a great mix tape, especially considering they just played their last show, and it was beautiful.
Posted by Hancho
Apr 6, 2011 23:14:41 GMT -5
Rusty Avatar

16. RocketMan- Puscifer- One of my favorite covers of all time. Fuck I love this version. I love the huge booming chords during the chorus <3.

I'm having fun reading all these tracklistings! I'm also surprised by how much I knew on this mix. That cover was actually done by Maynard and the guitarist of The Flaming Lips, by the way:)

Here's hoping that I get my mix this week!
Posted by Rusty
Apr 6, 2011 23:26:25 GMT -5
oh shit, I forgot Drozd. Also Puscifier = Maynard as far as I know.