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Interpol, I guess

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Mar 22, 2011 18:28:08 GMT -5
I guess I'm on an Interpol kick now, so...

I'm interested to see how people rank their albums, Know's was interesting. I don't think I can do points like him, but...

1. Turn On the Bright Lights (obv)
2. Antics
3. The Interpol EP (simply because of the specialist)
4. Our Love To Admire

Not even going to dignify the most recent release. Carlos D was the rug that really tied the band together. Such slick, sleazy basslines.

I only have seen them the once, at Coachella, before Our Love had come out, and I was pleasantly surprised. I don't think I'd ever see them again now that that atrocity is probably most of what they play. God, how good would a 'Turn On the Bright Lights' tour be? I guess I'd see them if they did that.

Did it take anyone else a while to figure out that each of their albums is heavily themed according to album title? I'd probably had antics for a year before I ever really made the connection, and man did I feel like a dumbass.

EDIT: Let it never be said that I am not an ass.
Posted by Pea
Mar 22, 2011 19:14:44 GMT -5
Didn't Know already correct you on that album title?
Mar 22, 2011 19:16:20 GMT -5
Fuckin goddamnit, I was thinking "admire, admire, admire" that whole time. Stupid fingers.
Posted by Pea
Mar 22, 2011 19:17:15 GMT -5
Mar 22, 2011 19:21:59 GMT -5
Pea, you know The Specialist, right? It has always boggled my mind how many Interpol fans have never heard that song.
Posted by know ID yuh
Mar 22, 2011 19:22:05 GMT -5
1. Feels
2. Sung Tongs
3. Merriweather Post Pavilion
4. Strawberry Jam
5. Here Comes The Indian
Mar 22, 2011 19:28:05 GMT -5
God, I need to listen to Feels in the near future. I haven't listened to here comes the indian at all, but the middle three there actually are the same as my top three.
Posted by Pea
Mar 22, 2011 19:31:21 GMT -5
J. Walter Weatherman Avatar
Pea, you know The Specialist, right? It has always boggled my mind how many Interpol fans have never heard that song.

I'm not going to lie, I hate Interpol...soooo nope, I don't know it :-/
Mar 22, 2011 19:35:11 GMT -5
Ah, good to know. Any fans not know that song?
Posted by Blacksmile
Mar 22, 2011 21:08:46 GMT -5
I haven't heard it...but that will soon change since I just bought it on ichunes.

I love their albums (except the newest piece of shit) but I was very disappointed in them when I saw them at Lollapalooza. Dull, lifeless...yeah that's about it. I was pissed that I left Muse to watch them.

Oh well. I saw Muse last year and it was awesome, but I have yet to see Interpol again. Doubt I'll give them another shot unless they are playing unopposed ata festival.
Mar 22, 2011 21:09:55 GMT -5
Let me know what you think of it!
Posted by Blacksmile
Mar 22, 2011 22:34:58 GMT -5
Finished listening to it. It was a good Interpol song. It didn't unzip my pants or anything and I don't think I'd seek out the physical EP just for that song, but it was good enough to buy off of ichunes.
Mar 22, 2011 22:55:02 GMT -5
I think what makes me like Interpol so much is the fact that I love love love super simple repetitive lead guitar parts and single note harmonies, which they do (read: did) so well.

And I have to say that I think the guitar hook on the chorus of "C'mere" is my favorite, catchiest guitar hook that I have ever heard, and I've felt that way since the very first time I heard it.

Right at 1:42. Solid gold.

Posted by Horned Gramma
Mar 23, 2011 10:08:24 GMT -5
Not down with Interpol. I like Antics; that's about it.
Posted by stamper
Mar 23, 2011 10:12:34 GMT -5
Antics and Turn on the Bright Lights... everything else is shit.