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Laurie Anderson on Fallon

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Posted by bungleme
Feb 25, 2011 10:36:33 GMT -5
Anyone happen to see Laurie Anderson on Fallon last night? Absolutely amazing performance. I've looked for videos, but it may be a bit early yet. She performed "Another Day in America" and it was one of the more avant garde performances I can recall on late night TV for quite some time.

Posted by bungleme
Feb 25, 2011 20:43:56 GMT -5
Didn't get a chance to follow-up until now but, in case anyone's interested, here's a link to the video from last night. I'm not sure how to embed this...never been particularly adept with computers.
Posted by Drew
Feb 25, 2011 21:02:18 GMT -5
Posted by bungleme
Feb 25, 2011 21:12:38 GMT -5
You, Drew, are my hero.
Posted by newjersey
Feb 26, 2011 23:45:03 GMT -5
That's a funny way to spell Odd Future
Posted by wolfhat
Feb 27, 2011 15:00:32 GMT -5
Wow. I think I have a new least favorite recording artist. I wish I could express just how much I disliked that performance, but my pretentiometer broke half way through the song.
Posted by alex
Feb 27, 2011 15:27:26 GMT -5
Not a fan of that.
Posted by Rusty
Feb 27, 2011 15:43:31 GMT -5
What the fuck was that?
Posted by wolfhat
Feb 27, 2011 17:14:33 GMT -5
Rusty Avatar
What the fuck was that?

Seriously. I wish I could unwatch that.
Posted by j3ff8
Feb 27, 2011 17:23:02 GMT -5
I don't get it. Was that a female?
Posted by Pea
Feb 27, 2011 17:30:07 GMT -5
Yes. She's Lou Reed's wife.
Posted by j3ff8
Feb 27, 2011 17:32:27 GMT -5
But.. but.. oh nevermind I read the youtube description. That's a little strange...
Posted by Drew
Feb 28, 2011 1:29:44 GMT -5
Laurie Anderson's brand of counter-cultural performance art looks sort of outdated on Jimmy Fallon, but she's still pretty fucking cool in my book.
Posted by newjersey
Feb 28, 2011 17:20:04 GMT -5
Convince to not commandeer this thread for Wolf Gang
Posted by JeffaLump
Mar 1, 2011 0:01:29 GMT -5
I really enjoyed that, though I'm really into a lot of "avante garde bullshit" so I'm biased.

I just don't understand why the fuck that was on Fallon.