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Posted by atlasmama333
Jan 23, 2011 14:19:42 GMT -5
Hey all!
Time to get EXCITED! I know spring is coming when the festival line-ups start to roll out! This year's Wakarusa looks AWESOME! The line-up is sick, the tickets are cheap ($139 right now), and they've made it easier to get around with more of those shuttle things...NICE!!! I am rewarding myself for graduating with a ladies only trip down to Mulberry Mountain in Ozark, AR! Put on your party hats and your body paint and come join us!!! :) ;D ;)
Posted by know ID yuh
Jan 23, 2011 14:22:59 GMT -5
Posted by Drew
Jan 23, 2011 14:24:14 GMT -5
Thanks, atlasmama333, I'll be sure to attend!
Posted by Pea
Jan 23, 2011 14:37:33 GMT -5
I have a colon cleansing that weekend. Sorry.
Posted by interstateeight
Jan 23, 2011 14:37:50 GMT -5
That's a pretty weak lineup.
Jan 23, 2011 14:41:55 GMT -5
interstateeight Avatar
That's a pretty weak lineup.

Yeah, but if your going with the attitude of "getting CRAZY with a Jam fest for the weekend", that lineup will definitely get the job done.

We may say that "camping is half the fun" at Sasquatch, but it's a whole nuther world at Waka, plus they do late nights. It's definitely more of a cohesive party that doesn't seem to have any boundaries from the campsite to the stages (but this can be both a good and bad thing).
Jan 23, 2011 14:46:52 GMT -5
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Posted by stamper
Jan 23, 2011 14:55:28 GMT -5
Friendly Destroyer Avatar
Teeth whitening is actually pretty important you guys..."

Posted by ComesWithASword
Jan 23, 2011 16:08:27 GMT -5
What Made You Smile Today????
Posted by squatchcreep
Jan 25, 2011 16:52:40 GMT -5
Hey atlasmama333 ! Glad someone around these boards can see the beauty of this lineup..

Check out what these other fools have to say about Waka..

Jan 26, 2011 22:42:11 GMT -5
Posted by squatchcreep
Feb 17, 2011 12:39:04 GMT -5
Hit me up if your going to Waka.. I might be able to help you out with what to bring & best way to get there..

Peace & Love
Posted by Snorlax
Mar 1, 2011 11:29:24 GMT -5
I love spam. Fried spam and eggs, spam sammiches, SPAM ON IT'S OWN.. The only good thing to come out of the Depression is SPAM