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New albums to look forward to in 2013?

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Posted by Pea
Nov 4, 2012 19:37:00 GMT -5
2012 is wrapping up, and this seems to be a good enough place to start discussing 2013 releases.

New Atoms for Peace (Thom Yorke/Flea) album titled "Amok" coming out January 28th. I would have to think some spring touring and festival appearances will be following this one.
Posted by Horned Gramma
Nov 4, 2012 22:38:21 GMT -5
Man, I just cannot get behind his solo shit. Really makes me regard the group dynamic of Radiohead differently.

Stoked beyond words for the new Optiganally Yours record, as well as whatever Deaner's got cookin'.
Posted by Blacksmile
Nov 5, 2012 23:19:09 GMT -5
The National are apparently back in the studio!! One of my most anticipated albums of 2013 for sure.
Posted by badchoices
Nov 6, 2012 15:19:08 GMT -5
Posted by wompwomp
Nov 6, 2012 17:45:46 GMT -5
FOALS!!!! The new chune is bangin'. Album out in February.

Posted by stamper
Nov 6, 2012 17:48:23 GMT -5
Posted by chud
Nov 7, 2012 23:45:55 GMT -5
Horned Gramma Avatar

stroked beyond words for the new Optiganally Yours

Hey Horny G...FUCK YES!!!
Posted by Horned Gramma
Nov 10, 2012 16:39:01 GMT -5
New EELS album, Wonderful, Glorious EELS, out 2/5/13.

I see a pre-order for 2x 10" orange vinyl... That's gonna happen.
Posted by Cbats
Nov 13, 2012 15:37:16 GMT -5
Looks like we'll be seeing a new Jamie Lidell record in 2013 sometime

Posted by Cbats
Nov 15, 2012 14:08:17 GMT -5
Ok, if this is what the album is going to sound like, the new Jamie Lidell is going to be amazing

Posted by Pea
Nov 27, 2012 21:47:48 GMT -5
From Hey Marseilles' Facebook:

"Excited to announce that our sophomore album, 'Lines We Trace,' will be released March 5, 2013 via Onto Entertainment/ Thirty Tigers. This record has been our everything for the last two years and we're happy you'll finally get to hear it."
Posted by Burrito
Nov 27, 2012 22:27:59 GMT -5

New album Oddfellows by Tomahawk out in January.


That's like, almost Mr. Bungle.
Posted by nick
Dec 1, 2012 14:10:46 GMT -5
I have a soft spot for Tegan and Sara, and they've got a new one called Heartthrob out January 29.
Posted by badchoices
Dec 4, 2012 10:49:14 GMT -5
Cave Singers' new album is coming out in March next year. KEXP just debuted a new song
Posted by nick
Dec 4, 2012 22:10:23 GMT -5
Not sure how much love they get on this forum, but Starfucker's got a new one called Miracle Mile out 2/19, and the first single "While I'm Alive" is out on ichunes now.

Also, they're hitting the Nepchune 2/26 with Blackbird Blackbird.