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Blue Lotus Festival 2013

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Posted by mathur12690
Feb 1, 2013 7:51:42 GMT -5
De Kulture Music has been promoting authentic Indian music since 2005. Known for distribution of music albums and organizing music tours in Europe, in February 2013 it brings the first edition of Blue Lotus Festival - a new music initiative. It strives to bring into one place and at the same time most traditional Indian genres of music. In just 6 days you can travel through centuries and across the farthest parts of India as various genres and styles of best of Indian Sufi, Folk, Traditional, Gypsy, Tribal, Devotional, Spiritual and Indigenous music will be presented. This is a really great opportunity for an amateur’s immersion into Indian culture.
folk music festival



Posted by fairowen
Feb 1, 2013 16:56:27 GMT -5
That is totally spam, but this festival looks really cool. To bad it is in india.
Posted by mathur12690
Feb 4, 2013 0:44:53 GMT -5
this festival is awsume... its ur bad luck that u r not from india stupid...
Posted by Pea
Feb 4, 2013 1:04:45 GMT -5
Ok this thread can be deleted now.
Posted by mrlahey
Feb 4, 2013 15:00:17 GMT -5
Posted by mathur12690
Feb 7, 2013 0:34:55 GMT -5
Pea Avatar
Ok this thread can be deleted now.

so delete it why r u waiting....
Posted by Cysquatch
Feb 7, 2013 0:37:40 GMT -5
I would expect a spammer to be more friendly, not call people stupid, and be all angry and shit. No thank you sir, I would not like to attend your festival.
Posted by StormyPinkness
Feb 7, 2013 0:38:01 GMT -5
Goodnight gentlemen.
Posted by chud
Feb 7, 2013 0:38:11 GMT -5
Posted by Horned Gramma
Feb 7, 2013 1:27:39 GMT -5
Whoa, why have I been putting off reading this thread like I was Pee-Wee all not wanting to rescue the snakes from the flaming pet store or something? This is the greatest thing that's happened on the board all day.

It's MY fucking bad luck that I'm not from India! I M stupid!
Posted by Fig
Feb 7, 2013 4:22:34 GMT -5
"It's too bad that I don't live in India" said no one ever.
Posted by mrlahey
Feb 7, 2013 18:04:02 GMT -5
Fig Avatar
"It's too bad that I don't live in India" said no one ever.

Pretty sure I have said that a few times. I however enjoy India more than most folks.