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Kings of Leon "Fans"

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Posted by matt
Oct 21, 2010 21:14:37 GMT -5
We haven't hated on Kings of Leon too much recently. Here's an easy opportunity to do it some more!

The first track of their new album is called "The End." That's not clever or funny. What the fuck.
Posted by ComesWithASword
Oct 21, 2010 23:58:28 GMT -5
apparently the lead singer ad-libbed all the lyrics.

what a cunt.
Posted by Pea
Oct 22, 2010 0:41:04 GMT -5
Mainstream rock bands were alot worse 10 years ago. They really don't bother me that much.
Posted by topspin
Oct 22, 2010 5:23:53 GMT -5
I missed the memo why we hate them so much.
Posted by bradberad12
Oct 22, 2010 18:09:56 GMT -5
Yes, "Fans" is my favorite KoL song. Glad you agree.
Posted by ComesWithASword
Oct 23, 2010 0:34:10 GMT -5
Posted by Pea
Oct 23, 2010 2:40:34 GMT -5
hahahahaha that rules
Posted by Snorlax
Oct 23, 2010 14:02:34 GMT -5
That's the best thing I've ever seen!
Posted by know ID yuh
Oct 23, 2010 14:54:27 GMT -5
That is funny. Along the same lines, ever see Phish live?
Posted by Horned Gramma
Oct 25, 2010 18:52:38 GMT -5
I had a good chuckle at both of those.

I'll admit that my opinion of Kings of Leon is such that I believed that video was legit for almost two full minutes.
Oct 25, 2010 21:18:37 GMT -5
woah. the kings of leon video was badass
the phish video is actually pretty accurate, I saw Trey in 2006.
Posted by Pea
Oct 25, 2010 23:25:59 GMT -5
this video pretty much reigns as king over both of those...
Posted by Pea
Oct 25, 2010 23:28:21 GMT -5
nevermind, that phish video is fucking hilarious
Posted by wolfhat
Oct 28, 2010 0:15:54 GMT -5
I really enjoyed that KoL video. Definitely had me believing it too. Unsurprising, I'm not a big fan. I like some of their songs but I never find myself choosing to listen to them. Their show at Sasquatch was underwhelming, and their performance on SNL last week was the same. Please never come back to Sasquatch.