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I don't even care!

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Posted by Pea
Sept 21, 2012 19:53:50 GMT -5
Inspired by wonk's love for a new Owl City song, post songs that are arguably (and most definitely) fucking awful, but you can't help loving the shit out of them and you don't even care!

I heard this for the first time while playing a rousing game of drunk Phase 10 last weekend, and I've probably listened to it 10 times since. I don't even care!

Sept 21, 2012 20:06:06 GMT -5
This is that girl who got all hip doing youtube covers, right? I think I remember seeing her do "Look at Me Now"
Posted by wonk
Sept 21, 2012 20:08:00 GMT -5
Sept 21, 2012 20:53:47 GMT -5
Posted by Cysquatch
Sept 21, 2012 21:20:56 GMT -5
Heard this in some downloaded dj sets, and now the shit is stuck in my head. Finally checked out the video today.