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Squamish Music Festival?

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Posted by bradberad12
Jun 6, 2010 17:12:08 GMT -5
I have been hearing rumours about a big festival happening in Squamish, BC on labor/labour day weekend.

Anyone know anything about it? there is supposedly a website coming soon...
Posted by ComesWithASword
Jun 6, 2010 18:23:19 GMT -5
Bold, going up against Bumbershoot. hopefully they get some crossovers. I'd make the trip up to see the Dandies, Thermals, Surfer Blood, Japandroids, etc. Doubt they get an act bigger than something like the Decemberists though. Hopefully it's better organized than Pemberton...
Posted by ComesWithASword
Jun 21, 2010 15:04:40 GMT -5
The Decemberists
Bad Religion
Tokyo Police Club
Dirty Heads
Dirty Vegas (Live)
Tom Middleton
The Dudes
Civil Twilight
Tennessee Three
Kevin Shiu
We Are The City
Rich Hope
Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
Jon & Roy
VJ Tony Pantages
Nigel Mihell
Mother Mother
John Morgan

and Devo

Posted by sadajaaliza
Oct 7, 2010 4:12:58 GMT -5
How does ultra music festival compare to spring break parties?What i want to know is if you had to choose to go to a spring break event like the ones that take place in panama city or would you go to ultra music festival. Also which one is crazier and more fun.
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