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Capitol Hill Block Party

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Posted by jeffmac
May 5, 2010 13:02:08 GMT -5
I've always wanted to go to this Festival and think this is the year with a headliner like The Dead Weather. I've seen them twice and they have punched in the face both times. I'm pretty excited to see who else they got.
Posted by Pea
May 5, 2010 15:49:35 GMT -5
It was such a clusterfuck last year. I enjoyed myself but it was way too hot the day I went and unless you're in the front few rows of people you can't even see the bands on stage. I can't even truly say I've seen Sonic Youth, pretty much just heard them haha.
Posted by interstateeight
May 5, 2010 20:40:56 GMT -5
The key to enjoying main stage Block Party bans:

1.) Be over 21.
2.) If you are not 21, get a 21+ friend to give you their wristband.
3.) Go to the 21+ area, lean against the fence, and enjoy.
Posted by Pea
May 5, 2010 21:31:42 GMT -5
Last year the 21+ area was even worse than the general area for the headliners. Funny thing is, the best view I had all night was when my buddy and I walked outside of the block party perimeters around to the side of the fence and had a PERFECT view of the stage. Too bad it was only a few yards from the Gossip's fat sweaty singer. They sounded fantastic though haha
Posted by fairowen
May 22, 2010 17:40:35 GMT -5
Block party has tons of good local band earlier in the day when there are less people. When it gets to the head liner it is way to crowded. If you are aggressive you can push your way to the front during the act before the headliner.