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Other Shows?

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Posted by Blacksmile
May 4, 2010 13:20:52 GMT -5
So since there is not much else going on at the moment with Sasquatch discussion I was just wondering what other shows people are seeing this summer or what you have seen just recently. Myself:

Muse - Great show! Lights and sound far exeeded my expectations.

Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper - Just a fun show all around!!! Never seen Alice bfore and it was pretty much what I was expecting. Third time seeing Rob Zombie and he did not dissapoint! Loud, noisy, violent and absurd...none of which are bad traits to have in a metal show.

Our Lady Peace - Playing Spiritual Machines in it's entirety. Shouldn't be too bad given it's their best album.

U2 - Not much to say other than it should be a good show, even though the last album was shit. Biggest flaw...The Fray are opening and they are shit!

Sled Island - Fucked Up, Ted Leo, The Thermals, The Melvins, Les Savvy Fav, Dino Jr., Built to Spill...enough said!

And finally, a few club shows - The Heavy, Ladyhawk, and Danko Jones

Posted by emptyfox
May 4, 2010 15:17:14 GMT -5
The only other show I have coming up for sure this summer is TooL! And I'm super excited about it.
Posted by Blacksmile
May 4, 2010 15:29:20 GMT -5
UGH! They're skipping my city for some reason! Pisses me off.
Posted by emptyfox
May 4, 2010 17:33:58 GMT -5
There are still more dates to be added, from what I understand... where abouts are you?
Posted by Blacksmile
May 4, 2010 17:43:46 GMT -5
Southern Alberta...they are playing Edmonton, Regina...but not Calgary. I've seen them a couple in the past so it's not a big deal, but it would have been nice. Do you know why they're touring? Upcoming album or just because?
Posted by emptyfox
May 4, 2010 19:18:48 GMT -5
Apparently they are in the midst of recording, but I doubt the album will be out by the time they are touring... looks like they are hitting the west coast this year after doing east coast last summer...