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Outside Lands 2012

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Posted by wonk
Apr 19, 2012 22:24:47 GMT -5
I'm 100% interested in the top ten acts on this lineup, and that is extremely rare. Anyone going?
Posted by Pea
Apr 19, 2012 22:45:54 GMT -5
I love that you're a Skrillex fan. I wish I had more to contribute to this thread.
Posted by davers
Apr 19, 2012 22:56:26 GMT -5
The lineup is fantastic. Best festival lineup I have seen this year. Random hyperbole. I would be all over it if I wasn't in Europe at the time.

Word on the streets is this fest only runs until 10pm? So that means Foos, Beck and Jack White would go on at around 6pm? This seems very odd to me.
Posted by romanticizer
Apr 19, 2012 23:04:46 GMT -5
I probably won't due to funds but it seems like it would be a blast.
Posted by newjersey
Apr 20, 2012 0:21:07 GMT -5
I picked the wrong West Coast festival to go to. Sorry, Squatch, but this looks just ridiculous.
Posted by Cysquatch
Apr 20, 2012 9:40:37 GMT -5
romanticizer Avatar
Apr 19, 2012 23:04:46 GMT -5 @romanticizer said:
I probably won't due to funds but it seems like it would be a blast.

I was kind of planning of it, but after coming up with a budget for the trip it looks a little expensive, and I should probably save the cash. I'd like to take a trip somewhere this winter, and I've already got a busy summer.
Posted by wompwomp
Apr 20, 2012 9:55:15 GMT -5
Has anyone been to this festival before? I have heard it's not a great setup and can get pretty crowded.

It's a food and wine fest too right? I've heard the eats and drinks are pretty awesome
Posted by Pea
Apr 20, 2012 10:05:33 GMT -5
I have some friends in San Diego that went for their first time last year and totally fell in love with it. They're making it a point to attend yearly now.
Posted by romanticizer
Apr 20, 2012 10:15:04 GMT -5
I know Chaco went...
Congrats on 9000, Pea.
Posted by Jeff Warily
Apr 20, 2012 14:57:59 GMT -5
I must be going insane because I'm thinking about going now too...
Posted by J-Dawg
Apr 21, 2012 0:27:31 GMT -5
Holy Fuck I might be able to go to this. OH PLEASE OH PRETTY PLEASE

Edit: I like enough of the lineup that I'd totally pay the flight to SF and crash with a friend.
Posted by Rusty
Apr 21, 2012 0:30:17 GMT -5
J-Dawg Avatar
Holy Fuck I might be able to go to this. OH PLEASE OH PRETTY PLEASE

Take me with you. I'm kinda big, but I might be able to fit in your suitcase. I need to see Crazy Horse.
Posted by Jeff Warily
Apr 21, 2012 14:16:22 GMT -5
Just out of curiosity, is there any boarders that are living in the area? I'd be really bummed if I can't find a place to stay while there :(
Posted by J-Dawg
Apr 21, 2012 19:03:10 GMT -5
WSS lives in the tenderloin. And somebody else lives in the East Bay, don't recall who offhand. Drew maybe? Derp...
Posted by Drew
Apr 30, 2012 14:23:46 GMT -5
That's me! I don't know if I'll have the funds to go to this, though I do really like the lineup. I've heard bad things about the setup and general organization of the festival, and two headliners are Sasquatch repeats, but it would be dope to see Crazy Horse and Sigur Ros. Also I'm not sure if I'll still be living here by then. We'll see.