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The first 5 albums you ever purchased!

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Posted by Pea
Apr 3, 2012 20:46:34 GMT -5
This could be fun! None of us just started out with these marvelously refined tastes in music. Where did you get your start?? This could also be a hilarious way to bring attention to how many different age groups are on this board ;D

The rules:
Post the first 5 albums that YOU yourself purchased. Nothing that your parents got you for your birthday or Christmas. I'm talking about hard-earned, allowance-bought albums. Go!

Until my friend got me into the likes of Rob Zombie and Korn when I was twelve, my musical taste was completely determined by an older kid who lived across the street from me, and most of these were what he was listening to at the time...

Posted by kymess_jr
Apr 3, 2012 20:50:22 GMT -5
I totally bought that Savage Garden album and Batman soundtrack!

I know what the first 3 albums I ever bought were (see my Album of the Week post) but I can't remember the first ones I bought with my own money.
Posted by j3ff8
Apr 3, 2012 20:51:06 GMT -5
My memory is shit. I don't know how you guys remember this stuff. Awesome idea though Pea!
Posted by romanticizer
Apr 3, 2012 20:54:20 GMT -5
These are definitely not the first albums I had but definitely the first ones I bought with my own money.

Posted by Switch
Apr 3, 2012 21:09:41 GMT -5
It's hard to remember exactly but these are the ones that stand out. In order:

Posted by chud
Apr 3, 2012 22:14:59 GMT -5

Thank you Tower Records.

Prior to this I was pooping The Police Greatest Hits courtesy of my aunt and Bobby Brown Don't Be Cruel courtesy of my friends older brother. These two tapes were on constant repeat as I played basketball in my front yard till the street lights came on. Nothing gets you hyped for some bball like "Message in a Bottle" and "My Prerogative"
Posted by Blacksmile
Apr 3, 2012 22:29:20 GMT -5
The first album I ever owned for myself was The Jackson 5 - Victory, but these were the first I ever bought with my chore money. The only one I got rid of over time was the soundtrack to Colors.

EDIT: After discussing this with my buddy I realized that I bought Ice-T before I bought Public Enemy.
Posted by Burrito
Apr 3, 2012 22:34:08 GMT -5
My parents never gave me an allowance. They bought me all of my beautiful 90's pop-rock, and then I got into Napster pretty early on; but when I finally started paying for music I believe it went something like this:

Fucking CD's, how do they work?

Posted by Blacksmile
Apr 3, 2012 22:35:49 GMT -5
That's a great fucking start Burrito! Stellar albums all around.

Same goes for you Chudd.
Posted by Burrito
Apr 3, 2012 22:38:43 GMT -5
My bedroom was a regular white riot.
Posted by chud
Apr 3, 2012 22:42:47 GMT -5
I remember asking my dad to let me buy Beastie Boys - Licensed to Ill when I was around 9 years old because I had been listening to it at my friends house via his older brother. I got a quick stern no. It's one of those very vivid random memories.
Posted by jeffanater
Apr 3, 2012 22:44:06 GMT -5
This is too difficult for me.. having two older sisters, I really cant tease out which CDs I actually bought myself and which ones (likely most) I stole from them. I know some of you have done a lot more corn chips than I have... how the fuck can you remember this shit?
Posted by Pea
Apr 3, 2012 22:47:48 GMT -5
My long term memory is a steel trap. It's the short term memory that I lack.
Posted by chud
Apr 3, 2012 22:48:12 GMT -5
I can remember based on the fact that the only one of the bunch I no longer posses is the Green Jelly disc. The rest I make sure to state "this was the first CD I ever bought" each and every time I put it on (except when I'm my only audience of course).
Posted by Burrito
Apr 3, 2012 22:49:43 GMT -5
That's a good question, Sarah. I had a completely different list until I went through it making realizations like "Oh yeah, I found Dookie on the side of the road. Never actually bought that." It took a long time.

Who the fuck is throwing Dookie out there car window, in the jewel case no less? I gave it a spin no less than 6 months ago, and I declare now that it still fucking rocks.