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Top 5. Favorite Bands. GO!

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Posted by Geno
Dec 6, 2010 23:09:38 GMT -5
1. Opeth
2. Ween
3. The Flaming Lips
4. Porcupine Tree
5. Frank Zappa
Posted by Horned Gramma
Dec 7, 2010 11:40:40 GMT -5
Geno! You magnificent bastard, you beat me to it. I was going to start this thread today myself.

1. The Residents
2. They Might Be Giants
3. Ween
4. Brian Eno
5. Frank Zappa
Posted by wolfhat
Dec 7, 2010 14:47:12 GMT -5
1. Radiohead
2. Pearl Jam
3. Talking Heads
4. The Pixies
5. Arcade Fire

Not necessarily in that order, and not necessarily at all times, but this is what I've come up with at the moment.
Posted by JeffaLump
Dec 7, 2010 15:17:10 GMT -5
right now anyway:

tie for first. Pavement/Pixies
3. Deerhoof
4. The Unicorns
5. The Fiery Furnaces

Didn't put too much thought into this, so 4 and 5 could be different.
Posted by thedude
Dec 7, 2010 16:10:36 GMT -5

1. Modest Mouse
2. Future of the Left
3. The Naptional
4. Pavement
5. Mclusky
Posted by Pea
Dec 7, 2010 16:26:15 GMT -5
Sigur Ros, Radiohead, and a revolving door of 3 others.

EDIT: I take that back, Flogging Molly needs to be in there too.
Posted by topspin
Dec 7, 2010 17:35:08 GMT -5
1. Pink Floyd
2. Led Zeppelin
4. Modest Mouse
5. Tom Petty
Posted by ComesWithASword
Dec 7, 2010 18:05:55 GMT -5
1. Radiohead
2. Neutral Milk Hotel
3. Okkervil River
4. Arcade Fire
5. The Strokes
Posted by doumak
Dec 7, 2010 20:02:27 GMT -5
1. Radiohead
2. Elliott Smith
3. Broken Social Scene
4. Andrew Bird
5. Mew
Posted by know ID yuh
Dec 7, 2010 23:17:02 GMT -5
This is tough:

1. Frank Zappa (been into him for 15 years)
2. Arcade Fire (One of two recent bands I've claimed as my favorite)
3. Animal Collective (One of two recent bands I've claimed as my favorite)
4. Pink Floyd (while typing this, my friend texted me a picture of him chilling at the Roger Waters show tonight).
5-18. Pretty much equal, maybe Kanye West.
Posted by JeffaLump
Dec 8, 2010 0:54:32 GMT -5
So with that, HG and knowIDyuh, as a currently just casual listener of Frank Zappa, what album should I go to first to get deep into Frank?
Posted by know ID yuh
Dec 8, 2010 3:29:48 GMT -5
JeffaLump Avatar
So with that, HG and knowIDyuh, as a currently just casual listener of Frank Zappa, what album should I go to first to get deep into Frank?

If you have never listened to Zappa, you need to start with Joe's Garage, his most "pop" album. It's still very weird, and amazing musically.

Lumpy, you have at least listened to Zappa, so after that, there are several different directions to go.

If you like the guitar, Zappa is one of the most underrated guitar players of all time (along with Prince). Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar is a great guitar album.

If you like jazz, Hot Rats is amazing, and one of his most popular.

If you like classical music, and/or film scores, I am partial to 200 Motels. If I ever get a tatoo, it will be the movie poster of 200 motels. If you don't know Zappa's material though, you will hate this album. "Opal, you hot little bitch."

If you like live music, his You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore series is great. I would recommend starting at volume 1, which has a hilarious groupie bit. You get everything you want from Zappa on the live albums.

Since Zappa has about 84 albums, most of them doubles, I'm sure HG can add much more to this discussion. I have not listened to even half of them.
Posted by Horned Gramma
Dec 8, 2010 11:05:35 GMT -5
I think the best place to begin with Zappa is Apostrophe('). Musically it is along the same lines as Joe's Garage except it's not a triple album so it's a little less overwhelming, and also it isn't as insistently lewd as Joe's Garage. It has 'Yellow Snow', 'Cosmik Debris' and my personal favorite Zappa chune, 'Uncle Remus'.

'Hot Rats' is a great introduction to his composer stuff; it has 'Peaches en Regalia', which Zappa regarded as the finest thing he ever wrote. 'Willie the Pimp' is also on there, with vocals from Captain Beefheart.

From there it's a Choose Your Own Adventure, depending on what grabbed your attention. If you liked Apostrophe('), then proceed to 'One Size Fits All', 'Them or Us' or 'We're Only In It for the Money'. If 'Hot Rats' was more your bag, check out 'The Grand Wazoo' or 'Jazz From Hell'.

There also exists a wealth of live albums which show yet another essential side of the man. The Zappa/Beefheart live album 'Bongo Fury' is a classic; 'Roxy and Elsewhere' is really great too.
Posted by JeffaLump
Dec 8, 2010 12:35:56 GMT -5
Appreciate it, guys.
Posted by stamper
Dec 8, 2010 13:07:21 GMT -5
1. the Cure
2. Radiohead
3. Beck
4. Arcade Fire
5. the Clash